My name is Paul Sparks, I returned to live in the UK after spending over 4 years in China working as an English teacher!

I taught in China from September 2001 to July 2005, working in two different cities: Xiangtan and Nanning. My first position was at Xiangtan Normal University in Hunan, then I moved to Xiangtan University also in Hunan. My third year was at Sino-Canadian International College (SCIC) part of Guangxi University in Nanning and my last year I returned to Xiangtan to teach at Hunan University of Science and Technology.

During my time in China I created a website containing photos of my time in China as well as many of the lesson plans I developed during my time teaching abroad -  www.xiangtan.co.uk

Whilst in China I also created a website to enable students to watch foreign TV channels online, including English channels - www.tv4web.net 

To see all of my photos from my time teaching and travelling in China please see www.xiangtan.co.uk/newphotos.htm